Delhi Traffic Police told 3 useful things, if you forget while driving bike-car, then consider deducting the challan

Delhi Traffic Police keeps adopting different methods to bring awareness among the people about traffic rules and one of them is social media. Let us tell you that Delhi Traffic Police is always active on Twitter. Let us tell you that recently a tweet has been made from the official Twitter account of Delhi Traffic Police in which 5 things are mentioned but the traffic police says that the last 3 things are very important which every person should always keep in mind. Must be one who drives car or bike. What can happen if you do not do this and what are these 3 important things, let us give you information about this.

A recent tweet has been made from the official Twitter account of Delhi Traffic Police, whose caption is as follows, '5 things you should not miss this year... especially the last 3', a short 19 seconds with the caption The video has also been shared.

In this video 5 things have been told, first thing is T20 Cricket World Cup, second thing is FIFA World Cup. After this 3 such things on which you have to pay special attention, let us now tell you about this.

3 most important things

The third most important thing is a helmet, the fourth important thing is vehicle insurance and the fifth most important thing is that if you or anyone else is traveling in the car with you, then they have to take special care that always put the seat beat. . Whether someone is sitting with you in the front seat or in the back seat, Delhi Traffic Police says that the people sitting at the front and rear ie the rear should also wear seat belts.

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