CNG vs Hybrid: How different are these vehicles, know which car will be best for you

At this time the world is moving towards green and clean fuel. Seeing the choice of the people, the automobile industry has also started working on CNG and hybrid technology on a large scale. Compared to petrol and diesel, CNG and hybrid technology are considered as a good option as green fuel. The prices of CNG are also a bit cheap and it is considered a good option as compared to petrol and diesel. At the same time, hybrid technology saves a lot of fuel by using an electric powertrain. Let us understand the difference between CNG and Hybrid technology.

CNG and Hybrid Technology

Conventional fuel can also be used in both CNG and hybrid car types. The engine of CNG car also runs on petrol. At the same time, hybrid technology works to reduce the distance between a petrol-powered car and a fully electric car. The engine of the hybrid car runs on petrol, while the battery pack and motor make up for the lack of an electric car.

CNG Technology

CNG vehicles come with a CNG kit, which works on a petrol engine. CNG kit can also be installed from the aftermarket i.e. common market. In India, companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Tata Motors also sell cars with CNG kit installed pre-installed from the factory itself.

In CNG vehicles, the CNG tank is fitted at the rear of the vehicle. The petrol design of these cars is designed in such a way that it can work with both CNese and fuel. However, at a time only one thing drives the car. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used to run a CNG car.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology uses a variety of energy, but usually involves a mixture of electricity and oil. Hybrid vehicles come with a fuel-based engine, which also has an electric motor. There are three types of hybrid technology used in the market – full hybrid, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

The full hybrid vehicle can run on only the petrol engine or the electric motor or both at the same time. Mild hybrid consists of an electric motor and a fuel engine, which work together. The battery of a plug-in hybrid vehicle has to be charged by plugging it into the socket. A plug-in hybrid vehicle can run on only electricity like a full electric vehicle.

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