Car Smell: In monsoon, the smell comes from inside the car, so follow these special tips, your car will keep smelling

Monsoon has knocked and the rain is also going on hide and seek. In such pleasant weather, the strange smell inside the car is enough to spoil the fun of your journey. During the rainy season, moisture spreads foul smell in the cabin of your car. This is a big problem because nowadays the car has become our second home. On the other hand, if someone you know smells your car, then you have to face a different embarrassment. That’s why we have brought such tips for you, which will remove the smell of your car.

let the car breathe

When you leave your car like this overnight, the air inside the car stops there. This air reaches every part of the interior of the car. The next morning as soon as you step into the car, you smell a strange smell. To avoid this, keep the window open for some time while driving, because fresh air removes the smell of the car.

Get help with re-circulation

Every car has a button to re-circulate the air. This brings fresh air inside the car. If you are eating something in a moving car, then it must be started. At the same time, if someone smokes, then the window should be opened immediately and the air conditioner should be set to re-circulate mode.

keep the car clean

Before parking the car at night, clean all the dirt inside the car. Often packets of chips, bits of cigarettes and even cups of coffee are left inside the car. These look like small things but they can spread foul odor in your car overnight. Therefore, always keep the interior of the car clean.

use perfume

Always use a good perfume in the car. In the case of perfume, you cannot take the risk of being wrong. If you want, you can spray your favorite deodorant while doing cheap jugaad. Never spray directly on a car seat or dashboard. All the windows of the car should be closed and spray only in the air.

the magic of baking soda

Very few people know that baking soda used in the kitchen removes the smell of the car. To eliminate the smell of the car, baking soda should be sprinkled everywhere inside the car. Baking soda absorbs car odor. After a few hours, clean the car thoroughly with a vacuum machine.

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