Car-bike drivers should keep this certificate with them, otherwise they will cut 10 thousand challan

We all know that it is necessary to have all the documents of the vehicle with the drivers who drive the car or bike on the roads of Delhi. But today we are going to tell you about such a certificate that you should keep with you before driving a car or bike, tell that if you did not have this certificate and if you were stopped during police checking So you will get a huge challan of 10 thousand rupees.

We are talking about PUC certificate, Delhi government has become very strict against those who drive without PUC certificate. Let us tell you that in the festival season, you do not get hit by 10 thousand, for this, always carry other important documents like PUC certificate with you.

For the information of you people, let us tell you that in Delhi, if any driver is caught driving a car or a bike without a PUC certificate, then your challan of 10 thousand rupees will be deducted.

Whenever you keep a PUC certificate with you, then definitely pay attention to the valid date of the certificate, this is because it has often been seen that people have a PUC certificate but it has expired. In such a situation, your challan can be deducted even if there is an expiry certificate.

Officials of the Transport Department had informed some time ago that at present more than 19 lakh such vehicles are running on the roads in Delhi which do not have PUC certificate. These include two wheelers, cars, taxis and commercial vehicles.

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If this document is not done then you will not get petrol-diesel

Actually, after October 25, if you do not have PUC, then you will not get petrol or diesel at any petrol pump in Delhi. Yes, keep this date in your mind, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai had told that the Delhi government has become very strict against those who drive vehicles without PUC certificate.

Note: If your PUC certificate is lost or has expired, then you can get the certificate by visiting the nearest petrol pump of your home.

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