By buying an electric vehicle, we are inadvertently harming the earth! Know what can be the danger

Efforts are on to adopt electric vehicles all over the world. In view of its benefits, even in a country like India, the government gives subsidy on buying a new electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are being touted as the best alternative to petrol-diesel vehicles. Due to running on electricity, these vehicles are also considered good for the environment. But despite all these features, is the electric vehicle really beneficial for our world? Is the world of electric vehicles as clean as we think? Today we try to understand all the concerns related to EV technology.

Threat to the earth, child labor increased

Lithium ion battery packs are mostly used in electric vehicles. For this, lithium is being exploited on a large scale. Smartphone companies also use lithium ion for the battery. Therefore, indiscriminate excavation of lithium is going on in African countries. Due to this, not only the structure of the earth is being affected wrongly, but there is also a lot of wastage of water.

There is a lot of poverty in African countries, so all the wrong things happen there too. According to the reports, in the struggle to extract lithium, wrong things like child labor and bonded labor are also being done there. Its effect will be on the society there, which is not good for the world at all.

Less life, more use of resources

One of the biggest drawbacks of electric vehicles is their life. According to experts, the average life of an electric car is only 5 years. Despite being quite expensive as compared to petrol-diesel car, the life of electric car is very short. Anyway, the more this car runs, the more the battery capacity gets reduced.

After the retirement of the electric car after 5 years, there will be a need for another car. In such a situation, a lot of resources are used to move from the existing car to the new car. This also has an effect on our environment and this sequence will continue in the field of EV.

Fire damage in EV

Electric car or bike, all these require electricity to run. For this, the company uses a battery pack in an electric vehicle, which is charged. But we have seen incidents of fire in electric cars and two-wheelers. In such a situation, the question arises that how much damage a vehicle equipped with a heavy battery pack can cause to the passengers traveling in it.

Many people have lost their lives due to the fire in the electric vehicle. Therefore, the electric vehicle industry must find a concrete way to avoid its potential dangers. Because human resource is the most important resource in the world.

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