Big blow for the fans of electric vehicle, now this company will not make EV car in India!

Ford, which has closed its business from the Indian market, has once again taken a big decision. First the company to take advantage of the government scheme under the electric market (Electric Vehicle Market) but later Ford withdrew its decision. Ford will not currently invest in India for the electric vehicle market. Ford is one of the 20 different companies that decided to invest in India’s electric car market in February 2022. The company had taken the decision under the incentive scheme related to production.

The company is considering selling its factories in Sanand, Gujarat and Chennai. At present, the process of manufacturing the car in both the factories is halted. Talks are going on with Tata Motors regarding the Sanand factory located in Gujarat, which is in progress, while the search for buyers is still going on for the Chennai factory.

According to the official information given to the Economic Times, a Ford India spokesperson said, “We have taken a very careful review and have decided that we will not invest in the electric vehicle market in India in any way. We are very grateful to the government that they have accepted our application under the Production Linked Incentive.”

Tata plans to invest 2000 crores

After the announcement of closure of business, the name of Tata Motors is at the forefront of handling Ford’s Gujarat plant. It was told in the report that the Tata company is planning to invest Rs 2,000 crore. More than 23 thousand employees were working directly and indirectly in this plant. Ford’s plant is located close to Tata’s own Sanand plant. Tata Motors plans to make electric vehicles in this plant in the coming years.