Before the engine of the bike is seized, understand yourself that now is the time to change the mobil oil, otherwise there will be damage

To maintain the performance of the engine of the bike, it is necessary that the mobil oil (Mobil Oil) should be changed. With the help of Mobil oil, the parts inside the engine work well. Users should check the condition of Mobil Oil from time to time and get it changed immediately if necessary. Mobil Oil (Engine Oil) Keeps the engine cool and it prevents the engine of the bike to sizzle when it gets too hot. Over time, Mobil oil gets dirty and it loses its strength. Therefore, here we will tell you some such signs, which will show that it is necessary to change the mobil oil.

Mobil oil dark and gritty

When we put new Mobil oil in the bike, its color is light brown. But with time it becomes black and thick. Dipstick in some bikes and in many other models the level of mobil oil is checked through the window. If it has turned black and feels gritty after rubbing lightly with the finger, then understand that it is wise to change the mobil oil.

loud engine noise

There is a very loud sound from the engine of the bike, no one can tell it better than you. Due to low amount of Mobil oil or bad oil, the parts of the engine start rubbing together. There is a lot of noise in the engine due to wear of parts. At the same time, fresh Mobil oil acts as a layer between the engine parts. Therefore, the sound coming from the engine means to change the oil.

dashboard warning light

Most modern bikes are equipped with sensors. Through the light in the dashboard, these sensors can tell that there is a shortage of mobil oil in the engine. When the warning light is lit, a little oil should be added to maintain the level of mobil oil. However, due to engine failure due to lack of mobil oil, the warning light can also go on. So it is important to keep these things in mind.

Oil drop below the minimum mark

Keeping mobil oil below the required mark through dipstick or window indicates a big problem. If your engine has no leaks and still the Mobil oil level is dropping, it means that the Mobil oil is too old. As Mobil oil gets old, the quality of the oil decreases. That’s why the mobil oil of your bike should be changed.

Forgetting when the last time the oil was changed

It is not enough just to check the amount of Mobil oil inside the engine frequently. You should also remember when was the last time Mobil Oil was changed. Bike companies also tell users that mobil oil should be changed after walking so many kilometers. If you do not remember the time of last changed Mobil Oil, then change Mobil Oil and note down the date each time.

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