Bajaj’s most loved Pulsar to be seen in electric avatar, Bajaj in testing mode

If you are looking for an electric vehicle but your heart is stuck on Pulsar, wait a few more days, soon Bajaj’s most loved bike will be seen in the Pulsar electric avatar, one of the biggest in the auto industry. Major two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj has indicated this, soon the company can start work on the plan.

The company exports to 70 countries

Bajaj is the largest Indian global company, its main market is in India itself, although the company exports to 70 countries, which is why Bajaj claims that it is the most liked Indian auto mobile company in the world.

Chetak’s manufacturing facility started

Bajaj Auto has recently started Chetak Technology (Chetak Electric Scooter) manufacturing facility in Akurdi, Pune. Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, Bajaj Auto said that Bajaj is keen to maintain synergy in its electric vehicle and IC engine portfolio. He said that so far the speed of electric vehicles replacing IC engine vehicles is not very high. But Bajaj realizes that there will be more demand for electric vehicles in India in the coming times. That’s why Bajaj has decided to make an electric scooter entirely of its subsidiary Chetak Technology, to make it a global hub for EV design, development and production.

50% of bikes will be electric by 2030

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, Bajaj Auto said that at present, the range of vehicles with IC engines is not going to end completely, 50% of the bikes will be electric by the end of 2030, but the rest will work on IC engines. By the end of this year, Bajaj will launch a new electric vehicle.

electric pulsar signal

Rakesh Sharma also indicated during the conversation that Bajaj may soon launch electric Pulsar bikes in the market, also told that KTM is eager to launch electronic bikes in the market. The company’s Husqvarna scooter is undergoing trials in Pune and will be launched soon.

Electric Pulsar will be like petrol engine

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, Bajaj Auto has clearly said that if the concept of electric Pulsar is proven, then it will be exactly like the Pulsar of petrol engine. He told that Chetak Technology is working on the idea of ​​selling Chetak electric vehicles abroad. In fact, the market share of countries like Vietnam on the ASEAN market is more than 90%. India may be young in this market right now, but the country can perform well here in the coming times.

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