Auto Tips: Keep these 5 things in mind while taking Car Insurance, otherwise there will be a huge loss

Auto Tips: Keep these 5 things in mind while taking Car Insurance, otherwise there will be a huge loss

Auto Tips in Hindi: If you also drive a car, then you must know that driving without car insurance can result in a hefty fine. But it has often been seen that some people make some mistakes while buying car insurance, due to which they have to bear heavy losses later. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some important things, which you should always keep in mind before buying car insurance, so that insurance proves to be a profitable deal, not a hassle for you.

What is your need?

Before searching about Car Insurance and looking for the plan of the best insurance company, ask yourself this question, which insurance do you want to get? There are two types of insurance policies in India, one is Third Party Insurance and the other is Comprehensive Insurance.

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What is the difference between the two? Now you must also want to know that third-party insurance only compensates for the damages caused to the third-party. You will not get any coverage in this policy. On the other hand, a comprehensive policy provides coverage for both your car and third-party.

It is necessary to compare and search

A little research work is necessary before buying insurance, check the plans of different insurance companies before buying the policy. But the thing to note here is that while comparing the plans, you have to consider some important things like Sum Insured and what you are getting with the policy and what not. If you keep these things in mind then you will be able to choose a right car insurance policy for yourself.

How important is an add-on?

Add-on things also prove to be beneficial, but you should buy these things according to your needs. But the benefit of add on is available only with comprehensive insurance, in add on you can also take advantage of such things which are not available in your insurance policy. That's why always ask this question while buying the policy that which add-ons are available and then choose them according to your needs. But one thing that is important to know here is that there is a separate charge for add-on benefits.

It is important to ask these questions related to the claim process

The purpose behind buying insurance is that in case of damage, you are compensated for the loss, but most people do not know the answer to this question after the loss, how to take the claim? This question should never arise in front of you, that is why it is better to ask this question while taking the policy that what is a claim processor and how to do it.

Must check Claim Settlement Ratio

Whenever you buy a policy from an insurance company, make sure to check the claim settlement ratio of the company for which you are buying the policy. This is a very important thing that you should know before taking insurance, otherwise you may have to bear heavy losses later. In such a situation, we would advise you to take the insurance of the same company whose claim settlement ratio is high, due to which the chances of getting the claim approved are good.

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