Amazing of traffic police! Electric scooter cut off, invoice for not having pollution certificate

In recent times, many such incidents have come to the fore, where traffic police have cut people’s challans for wrong reasons. Now another similar case has been seen in Kerala. In Kerala, the challan of an e-scooter driver was deducted. Challan cutting was not a big deal, but e-scooter challan was deducted due to non-availability of pollution certificate.

A traffic policeman deducted a challan of Rs 250 from a person from Kerala who was driving the Ather 450X e-scooter. This challan was deducted due to non-availability of pollution certificate. After this, the driver shared the photo of the challan receipt on social media. This photo became viral as soon as it came on social media.

Challan deducted under section 213(5)

According to the viral photo of the challan, the Kerala Traffic Police had deducted Rs 250 for the e-scooter driver for not having a Pollution Under Control Certificate. This challan was deducted under section 213(5)(e) of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

Ather CEO's reaction

On this viral photo, Tarun Mehta, CEO of e-scooter Ather gave his reaction on Twitter. Commenting on that tweet, he wrote Sigh. The meaning of this word is to reveal sadness, despair etc.

Invoices already deducted

This is not the first case, when someone's challan was deducted in the wrong section. Earlier, a car driver was challaned for not wearing a helmet, whereas a few weeks ago, the Kerala Traffic Police had cut the challan for not filling petrol in the motorcycle. After this, the Kerala Police had to clarify after the matter went viral.

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