After the battery, the option of hydrogen fuel cell can be seen in TVS iQube

In the recent 1-2 years in the Indian two-wheeler market, the segment of electric scooters and bikes has seen a significant growth. Not only does this help reduce pollution, but the running cost is also minimal. Now soon in addition to petrol and battery, hydrogen fuel cells can be used in two-wheelers as well. Actually, an electric scooter of TVS is present in the Indian market and it has been told in the reports that TVS can use hydrogen fuel cell in this scooter. Its information has been leaked from online reports.

Hydrogen is doing a lot of work on fuel cell technology in the international market and plans are being made to use this fuel in place of petrol and diesel. Using this technology in the car, hydrogen can be easily refilled (refilling) in it and it removes water instead of smoke.

Testing is being done in TVS iCube

TVS company is looking for opportunities to use this fuel cell in its two-wheeler. Several online reports have claimed that the hydrogen flue cell can be used in the TVS iCube, which is an electric scooter.

Patent application disclosed

It has been told in the reports that a patent application has been given for this, in which hydrogen fuel can be stored in two cylinders, which will be present under the feet of the riders. These will be set on the chassis. Also, its filler nozzle will be present at the front, which is present on the headlamps.

The battery is under the seats of the scooter

In electric scooters, the battery is positioned under the rider's seat and most of the scooters follow the same trend. Now most of the two wheeler scooters have the option of swappable battery, which users can easily charge and replace it with the charging battery.

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