After buying a commercial vehicle, there is tension to convert to private, don’t worry, just do this easy task

If you are thinking of buying a second hand car, then Commercial Vehicles Can also be a good option. There are many commercial used cars with great deals to be found while searching for second hand cars online. However, they are used for taxis, cabs or other commercial purposes. That’s why most of the customers do not like to buy commercial vehicles. If you are getting a good condition second hand commercial vehicle at an affordable price, then you can consider it. Because we will tell here how you can convert a commercial vehicle into a private vehicle.

buy good condition car

The market for second hand vehicles in India is growing well. Customers are buying second hand vehicles on a large scale. If you buy a second hand car, then sometimes commercial cars are also available at cheap prices. With a little more effort, you can also get a better condition commercial car at a cheaper price. You can see the rest, how to make a commercial vehicle private, here.

cancel the permit

To register a commercial vehicle as a private vehicle, one has to first apply for cancellation of the commercial permit of the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle will have to write a letter to the RTO along with Form ACC (Application for Surrender of Permit and Clearance Certificate) stating the proper reason for cancellation of commercial permit.

Take NOC from Financier

Apart from the above mentioned documents, the owner of the vehicle also has to keep photocopies of registration certificate, insurance, ID and address proof with him. Also, if the vehicle is bought on finance, don't forget to take NOC from the financier of the vehicle. You will need NOC at the time of registration.

Apply through VAHAN Portal

Once the commercial registration of the vehicle is canceled from the RTO and after getting the NOC, the owner of the vehicle can apply for private registration. For this, apart from paying the necessary road tax, the owner of the vehicle has to keep ready the photocopies of the documents mentioned here.

  • PAN card
  • Photo
  • NOC of permit cancellation
  • Form 20 for registration
  • Form 35 (As per requirement)
  • insurance policy
  • excise duty payment receipt

After all these things, the owner of the vehicle can apply online through the VAHAN portal.

keep these things in mind

There are a few things that customers should keep in mind while buying a second hand commercial vehicle. Like buying any second hand vehicle, it is very important to check its condition properly while buying a second hand commercial vehicle. Another important thing is that commercial vehicles are driven more than private vehicles. But if the owner of the commercial vehicle has maintained the vehicle properly, then you can go ahead with the deal.

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