New Districts: Nellore district is divided into two parts .. Will justice be done to all ..?

It is learned that the Cabinet has approved the formation of new districts in the state online, after which draft notifications will be issued. It is understood that these proposals, which have always existed in this order, have now been counted. Clarity came that the process of new districts would be completed by Ugadi. Let’s take a look at how many districts the actual Nellore district will be in and how it will be useful to whom in the process of forming each Lok Sabha constituency as a district. & Nbsp;"" />

Nellore district has a vast coastline, Somashila project, Krishnapatnam port. The Sriharikota Space Center is also within the district. But now if new districts are formed .. what will happen in Nellore district and what will happen in the newly formed Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency district is in the draft. & Nbsp;

Three Revenue Divisions .. Sri Pottisrirams will form Nellore district with 35 zones keeping Nellore as the district headquarters. Nellore, Atmakuru and Kavali revenue divisions will continue in the newly formed Nellore district. At the same time Prakasam District Kandukur Revenue Division & zwnj; Zones in the Revenue Division & zwnj; Proposed to merge in. The Nellore Revenue Division consists of the Kovur, Nellore City, Nellore Rural and Sarvepalli Assembly constituencies. Kavali, Kandukur, Kavali and Kondapuram zones of Udayagiri constituency along with Jaladanki, Kavali and Kondapuram zones will be merged in Kavali division. & Nbsp;

The three constituencies in Nellore will now be merged into the district to be formed under the Tirupati Parliament. This new district is going to be named as Balaji District. In fact, the Sarvepalli constituency has to go to Balaji district as well. Due to its geographical needs, it will continue in Nellore. Sullurupeta, Gudur and Venkatagiri assembly constituencies in Nellore district meet in Balaji district, which is the center of Tirupati. Naidupet and Gudur, which are already revenue divisions, will be added to some zones and will continue in Balaji district.

Ports to Nellore and Shar Balaji ..
, Ramayapatnam ports are located in Nellore district. Somshila Reservoir is also located in Nellore. The Sriharikota Space Center, Sricity and Menakuru SEZ will be located in Balaji district. It can be said that the employment opportunities are more for the residents of Nellore district. However, Tirupati will also be the center for the Nellore district constituencies that meet in Balaji district. The spiritual city becomes their own district. Even if Nellore district is somehow divided .. all constituencies will be given equal priority. & Nbsp;

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