Nellore Police: Verabba is the courtesy of Nellore police .. is it true ..! Read it though

Naturally in the Telugu states it is said that their manners in the Godavari districts are good. All etiquette is done to the guests who come to the house even if there is no kinship. But here the Nellore district police are doing the same. Naturally police courtesy has a negative meaning. But here really the police are doing real courtesy. Victims who come to express their grief at the weekly response program are given meals by themselves. Meals are not ashamed, they are sweet, hot, everything. Bosses themselves are serving food and giving a whole new definition to friendly policing. & Nbsp;

Victims who go to government offices for response programs are not properly accommodated or distressed there. But the Nellore police noticed their trouble. They were provided with all other facilities including lunch. Tents were set up for the victims coming to the response program and seating was provided. The police come directly to them and take applications. Gather information from those who can not apply and enter the details themselves and suggest solutions. The police go directly to the disabled and the elderly and collect details.

Officials say there will be a good response to the response program led by District SP Vijayarao. Respondents say that they are taking steps to resolve their issues immediately. & Nbsp;

Following the Kovid 19 protocol .. & nbsp;
The response program in the District Collectorate was canceled due to the increasing number of Kovid cases in Nellore district. However, the police are continuing the response program. Applications are being received following the Kovid protocol and physical distance. & Nbsp;

Praise to the District Police .. & nbsp;
Victims who come to the response program are going with the assurance that their problem will be solved. People from far-flung places, on the other hand, boast about the facilities provided by the police there. Nellore authorities are impressing the people of the district with their friendly policing. The district police department is also at the forefront in the state in direction app downloading. Nellore District Police is at the forefront not only in criminal investigations but also in reaching out to the public in a friendly manner. & Nbsp;

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