AP BJP: It is not the fault of Jagan, it is the gang that approached him … AP BJP sharply criticizes the reverse decisions!

Chief Minister Jagan & zwnj; BJP AP president Somuveer Raju has criticized a gang for giving false information to the CM and causing reverse decisions. When Jagan came to power he roamed the roads while in opposition and sat in the palace and incensed the masses by paving the roads. He criticized Chief Minister Jagan for being the only one harassing employees so much. The BJP has declared solidarity with the workers’ movement for the realization of their demands. Somuveerraju led a & nbsp; protest at the party office in support of the employees.

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MP Ramesh, MLC Madhav, & nbsp; Leaders like Adinarayana Reddy, Ramaiah, Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Pathur Naga Bhushanam and others participated. BJP leaders alleged that YCP MLAs were selling mud and sand and that relatives of the MLAs were not involved. The state should increase revenue and benefit everyone but it is not right to plunder like this. Jagan said it was the only government that was harassing employees so much. Awareness was expressed that the state was in a situation where salaries could not be paid due to loss of revenue. Selling sand at a low price costs Rs. 5 thousand crores. He was incensed that all sources of revenue were being given to the ruling party and all debts to the people. They & nbsp; demanded that the employees’ legal issues be resolved.

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Casino Apalsina police, BJP state president Shri Somu Veerraju going to the traditional Sankranthi celebrations, what about the arrest of other leaders … ?? pic.twitter.com/KOItkUn7UF

& mdash; BJP ANDHRA PRADESH (@ BJP4Andhra) January 25, 2022

Moved to various police stations and later released. The BJP has demanded that CM Jagan take action against Kodali Nani in the casino affair and sack him from the cabinet."article-data _thumbBrk uk-text-break">

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