YSRCP Stands With Avinash Reddy : Is YSRCP Standing With Avinash Reddy – A Strategic Mistake?

YSRCP Stands With Avinash Reddy : Is YSRCP Standing With Avinash Reddy – A Strategic Mistake?

YSRCP Stands With Avinash Reddy :   The BRS party has declared full support to MLC Kavitha who is accused in the Delhi liquor scam case. The reason for this is that the Delhi Liquor Scan was set up in a political sense and they are saying that they are standing by because these are harassments. There is reality in this. People understand too. But in AP YS‌ Avinash Reddy is also supported by the ruling party. We stand with Avinash Reddy, everyone is standing firmly. Is there a political angle in this case?   Are these cases filed for political reasons?  What is the meaning of YSR‌CP standing in support of Avinash Reddy in this case where YS family is accusing each other?

YSR‌CP in full support of YS Avinash Reddy!

Avinash Reddy spoke to the media in front of the CBI office after the High Court granted relief from his arrest till Monday. He said some things in this case. YS Vivekananda Reddy’s second marriage,  a son from that marriage, he changed his name to Mohammad Akbar. He announced that he has not opened his mouth so far and will tell the whole thing. How many truths are there in what he said.. There are falsehoods.. If it is true then why did they try to destroy the evidence.. Leaving aside such suspicions.. As soon as Avinash Reddy said these things, YSR started a support campaign for CP Avinash Reddy on social media. In the end, a  DP named We Stand With Avinash Reddy was also put on social media. 

This is not a case of political harassment. Delhi Liquor Scan is likely to be treated as a case of political harassment. They also give reasons why to consider. But the cases facing Avinash Reddy are not political harassment. Vivekananda Reddy, the brother of a former chief minister himself. This murder was done in such a way that there are people who would kill a man. Now Chandrababu is accused of being the reason for this murder. Later everything fell apart. Now YS Vinekananda Reddy’s daughter and son-in-law are claiming to have killed him. Either way it becomes a purely family issue. Now   CBI is conducting fast investigation but other aspects are not compatible with political interference. If he had declared war on the center like KCR, there would have been a chance to accuse the CBI of being aggressive. But no government is close to the centre. Is it beneficial for YCP to advertise as if it is supporting YS Avinash Reddy? Is it a loss?

Are the allegations against YS Viveka’s daughter and son-in-law a strategic mistake?

Establishment of evidence after YS Viveka’s murder.. Funeral without a case Completion.. There were reports that they wanted to complete all the formalities without even doing the post mortem. Later, YS Sunitha insisted that the postmortem was done. After that she fights to get her father’s killers punished. CBI went to court for investigation that state government investigation agencies are not conducting investigation properly. Achieved. They are fighting to punish the accused. If Avinash Reddy is troubled by the things revealed in the investigation, Avinash Reddy is accusing Sunitha in reverse. YCP is supporting Avinash. As a result, there is an opinion that YCP is making a strategic mistake on this issue. 

There is a difference between corruption cases and murder cases. Experts are analyzing that there is a possibility of increasing antipathy among the people against the respective parties if they support the accused in murder cases.  

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