YSRCP Politics: Another headache for CM Jagan from Nellore district!

YSRCP Politics: Another headache for CM Jagan from Nellore district!

In the joint Nellore district, two MLAs have already defected from the YCP. Now another YSRCP MLA is becoming a headache for CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He is Gudur MLA Varaprasad. His faith in Jagan has not weakened at all, but he is not getting along with the local leaders. Recently, MLC Meriga Murali of local bodies, Gudur MLA Varaprasad has hit a dumma. Nedurumalli Ram Kumar Reddy rushed to this program organized on a large scale. Other local leaders participated, but Varaprasad as the local MLA did not come.

In fact Meriga Murali was hoping for Gudur ticket earlier. But Jagan brought Varaprasad, who is the MP of Tirupati, to Guduru and contested. Only then they promised to give due priority to Murali. Now MLC has been made. But in the case of Guduru ticket, if Varaprasad and Murali, who belong to the same social group, put green grass, the situation will be different. It is remarkable that Varaprasad’s face is showing even after Murali was elected MLC.

Meriga Murali, who was elected as MLC of local bodies, attended the welcome meeting organized in Gudur for the first time. If you believe in the party and work with commitment, there will be adequate recognition  Murali said that he is an example of that. He said that his family has been in politics for many years, especially with Guduru constituency. He said he will work hard to solve people’s problems.

Varaprasad case as a hot topic.. 
It seems that Jagan has already complained a lot about Guduru MML Varaprasad. It is said that locally available groups are encouraged and those who worked for the party are kept away. Besides that, he is not showing initiative in solving local problems. As a result, none of the local leaders are close to him. He does programs alone. It is not even possible to think that the government is organizing the Gadapa Gadapa in such a loud manner. It is said that Varaprasad does not have harmony with MLAs of neighboring constituencies. There are also disputes with local leader Meriga Murali. He feels that now that Murali is an MLC, his priority will decrease.

Varaprasad is also one of those who think that YCP tickets from the joint Nellore district will be difficult next time. In fact, according to his seniority, he should have been given a ministerial position in the first instance. Everyone thought that he would become a minister in SC quota. Jagan did not give him a chance at least for the second time. And 2024  It is also being spread that he will not get a ticket in the election. But he did not change. Not meeting with village leaders. Even though Meriga Murali’s position in the local body elections was unanimous, he held a grand victory rally. Everyone is silent as YCP lost in all three seats in place of Pattabhadru. This victory rally was held in Gudur to break the silence. But the local MLA gave his hand.

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