YSR Statue in Ippatam: Removal of statues of Rajanna in Ippatam.. Shifting to another place

Politics in Andhra Pradesh has heated up when there is still more than a year left for the Assembly elections. The war of words between the ruling and opposition leaders is going on in a range. Especially the Jana Sena leaders are criticizing the YCP government as they are doing politics of demolition. The municipal authorities have finally removed the statue of YS in Ipptam village of Mangalagiri constituency. Demolition of houses and walls in the name of road width has become controversial. Netizens satirized the government on the platform of social media and trolled heavily. Due to this, severe criticism came from all sides and the government responded. Now the YSR statue has been removed in the village. The statue was moved with the help of a crane. Along with the statues of some national leaders, the statue of YSR was also removed.

Recently, Pawan Kalyan visited the village of Ipptam on the demolition of houses. He questioned why the YSR statue on the road could not be removed. Earlier, when the police stopped Pawan at the office of the Janasena party, he walked away for three kilometers. After that, they boarded the convoy and reached the village. Pawan Kalyan Fire accused the government of favoritism for giving space to Jana Sena Avirbhava Sabha on March 14.

They have given a warning that if the houses are demolished now, they will build a highway in Idupulapaya. They said that the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, Nehru and finally the statue of Nandi which is the guardian of Lord Shiva were demolished because of the width of the road. At last the idols were removed from there by the authorities.

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