YS Viveka Case: Erra Gangireddy’s bail canceled in Viveka’s murder case – Supreme Court overruled High Court order!

YS Viveka Case: Erra Gangireddy’s bail canceled in Viveka’s murder case – Supreme Court overruled High Court order!


YS Viveka Case: The Supreme Court stayed the Telangana High Court’s order to release Gangireddy from jail on July 1.   Gangireddy’s default bail was canceled by the High Court on 27th of last month. The High Court ordered the CBI to complete the investigation by June 30, and said that he should be released on July 1. With this, Viveka’s daughter Sunita challenged the High Court verdict in the Supreme Court. She stated in the petition that if he is granted bail, the witnesses will be influenced. The Supreme Court that heard the petition stayed the High Court order to release Gangireddy on July 1.
   Erra Gangireddy Bail‌ The Supreme Court expressed dismay at the issue of the rules. Bail for Erra Gangireddy The CBI lawyers brought to the notice of the Supreme Court that the directions given by the Telangana High Court while finalizing the date of release from custody along with the sanction are the eighth strangest in jurisprudence. Sunitha Reddy’s counsel argued that there were instances of Gangireddy misusing bail and threatening witnesses. It was brought to the attention of the court that if the perpetrators of the murders are out, wrong signals will be sent in the society.   

Before that  Era Gangireddy  on  bail  orders  on  16th of this month  YS Sunatha Reddy  filed  petition  in  Supreme Court. Sunitha Reddy has challenged the bail order given by the Telangana High Court.   Telangana High Court   CJI Chandrachud expressed surprise over the bail orders.  Former Minister YS Vivekananda Reddy   On March 14, 2019, he was murdered at his residence.  Erra Gangireddy  A 1 accused in this murder case      are     Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case was investigated by SIT at that time.   However, the charge sheet was not filed on time.  Thus Erra Gangireddy   The default  bail was granted. 

After that, the CBI will investigate the case of Vivekananda Reddy’s murder with the consequences of the incident. AP High Court  with orders   CBI will investigate this case. Erra Gangireddy, the accused A1 in Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case, has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking cancellation of bail.  The Supreme Court  transferred  the hearing on this bail petition to  Telangana High Court.   Telangana High Court which heard this petition   Erra Gangireddy canceled the bail. Sunitha went to the court and canceled the default bail as she was to be released on July 1. 

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