YS Sharmila: “Now they will name YSR… If the government coming tomorrow changes the name of YSR..!”.. YS Sharmila’s direct question..

Political heat is increasing in the state over changing the name of NTR University in Andhra Pradesh to YSR University. The opposition is seriously criticizing the government’s decision. New ones should be built and given names. YSRTP president YS Sharmila made key comments in this order. Reacted to naming NTR Health University after YSR. He commented that if the name given by one government is removed by another government, it is like insulting those great people. Dad (YSR) said he never loved anyone as much as he loved him. They said that insulting such big men is like insulting crores of people. Now they will name YSR… If the government coming tomorrow will change the name of YSR..! What is the situation? Then he asked if YSR was also insulted. He clarified that there is no need to take someone’s reputation and give it to YSR. He explained that no one in this world has the fame that YSR has. He said that 700 people died because he could not bear such a great person’s death, and YSR with such a reputation did not need another person’s reputation.

Meanwhile, the AP government has changed the name of NDR Health University in Vijayawada. Despite criticism from the opposition parties, she stuck to her promise. Legislature approves NDR Health University Name Change Bill. On September 21, the Legislative Assembly passed the Bill introduced by the Minister of Health and Medical Affairs, Vidada Rajani, to convert YSR into a Health University. CM Jagan said that there are no people in the country who talk down about NTR. He has more respect for NTR than Chandrababu Naidu, and if NTR's name is taken, Chandrababu will not like it, NTR will not like it if Chandrababu's name is taken.

CM Jagan praised YS Rajasekhar Reddy as a person who knows the hardships of the poor. He opined that it would be right to name a health university after such a person. CM Jagan made it clear that there is no impurity on NTR, even if no one asked, the district was named after him.

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