Yesterday a zebra, yesterday a tiger, now a giraffe – the alarming animal deaths at Vizag Zoo

Yesterday a zebra, yesterday a tiger, now a giraffe – the alarming animal deaths at Vizag Zoo

The series of deaths in the Vizag Zoo is troubling animal lovers. A sick female giraffe died in the zoo. The ten-year-old giraffe’s name is   " May ".  Vizag from Negera  zoo in Malaysia at the age of 4 months. They brought it and put it in the zoo. But the giraffe suffering from Chronic Metritis & Pneumonia has been treated by all means. But there was no profit. Zoo Curator Dr. Nandani Salaria said that it died two days ago. 

Salaria said that May the giraffe was treated after contacting medical experts in different parts of the country. However, she regretted that she could not save the giraffe. Giraffes generally have a life span of 20-25 years. Giraffe for visitors to Vizag Zoo " May " It was a special attraction. Now that it has died, zoo staff say that visitors are feeling very deprived.  

A recently dead tiger "daughter "
A white tiger which was the main attraction of Visakhapatnam Zoo has died. It also died this month. A white tigress named Kumari has been entertaining visitors at the Vizag Zoo for the past 16 years. The zoo officials announced that the tiger died due to old age.  

The white tiger who died in Visakhapatnam zoo was 19 years old. The tigress has given birth to nine cubs so far, officials said. The staff say that all the young and old were interested to see it, which was always active in the zoo. 

The death of the white tiger affected the rest of the tigers. Visakha Zoo staff say that their enthusiasm has also decreased. It is explained that the tigers, who were dull for a few days, have recently recovered and returned to normal. 

On March 12, a female zebra named Rani also died in the Visakhapatnam zoo. Officials say that the reason for this too is illness. However, animal lovers are worried about the death of rare species of wild animals like zebra, tiger and giraffe in the gap of few days. 

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