Wife – Husband – Girlfriend: The wife who got married to her husband’s girlfriend.

Generally, no wife can tolerate her husband looking casually at another girl.. If we talk about it.. Is there anything else.. Such a young woman got married to a girl whom her husband loved. The incident took place in Tirupati. This incident has become a topic of discussion in Dakkili mandal of Tirupati district. A young man from local Ambedkar Nagar studied till degree. He who excels in Tiktok first met a young girl from Visakha and it led to love. For some years, both of them have been close. I don’t know what happened next but he moved away from her. Later he married another young woman from Kadapa district. But this young lady is also introduced in Tik Tok. Meanwhile, after some years, the young lady who first loved and got away came to Tirupati in search of her boyfriend. She was disappointed when she found out that he was married. But she could not give up the person she loved. After talking to the young man’s wife, she said that she will stay here and let everything be together. Hearing her words, the young man’s wife got lost in thought. Finally the three agreed to stay together. Her husband was ready to marry the young woman himself. She got married to her husband’s girlfriend on September 21.

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