Weather Alert: An upper trough accompanied by low pressure.. heavy to heavy rains for two more days.. alert for those districts..

It is raining all over Andhra Pradesh due to the effect of the low pressure formed in the Bay of Bengal. Amaravati Meteorological Center officials said that the low pressure will turn into a severe low pressure and become a cyclone by Sunday evening. It is expected to cross the coast between Kalingapatnam and South Odisha. Low pressure causes moisture to spread over the land through seaward clouds. It has been revealed that heavy rains are falling. Associated with this is the east-southeast monsoon trough. Due to the influence of low pressure and drona, it will rain all over the state for two more days. Although the depression is expected to weaken into a severe depression, conditions are ripe for it to develop into an air mass. As a result, heavy to very heavy rains are falling in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts of North Andhra. Officials explained that there will be moderate rains in many places in West Godavari and Krishna districts, and in the rest of the coastal districts and Rayalaseema districts.

Govindapuram in Poosapatirega mandal of Vizianagaram district recorded the highest rainfall of 9 cm. It rained 8.5 cm in Srikakulam and 8.3 cm in Chagallu of Palnadu district. Heavy rain fell in the surrounding areas of Vijayawada city. Streams and meanders are flowing with incessant rains. Mahendra Tanaya in Srikakulam district is overflowing. A young man named Vishwanath accidentally fell into it and died.

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