VJA Durga Temple Politics : Is Vellampalli interfering in Devadaya Department? Another controversy in YSRCP

VJA Durga Temple Politics : Is Vellampalli interfering in Devadaya Department?  Another controversy in YSRCP


VJA Durga Temple Politics :    The matter of taking oath of Bejawada Durga Gudi Governing Council is fueling a political scandal. The appointment of the Governing Council of Shri Durga Malleswara Swami Varla Devasdanam, which is waiting for Indrakiladri, and taking over the responsibilities before twenty-four hours have gone smoothly. However, the non-invitation of the Revenue Minister for the swearing-in of the Trust Board of the second largest temple in AP is causing controversy. Velampalli Srinivasa Rao, who worked as Sdanika MLA and Minister of Devadaya Charitable Affairs, acted as if he was everything. Due to this, the Velampalli affair has become a topic of discussion within his own party. 

NTR, who is also acting as the district party president, has selected people from seven constituencies of Velampalli district and given them a gift in the committee. Completion of the program without even calling the minister for reception has become a cause of scandal. Velampalli Srinivasa Rao, who previously served as the Minister of Debt, got full control over that department. However, he was removed from the minister’s position. After that, as part of the expansion of the new cabinet, Chief Minister Jagan gave the Debt Department to Kottu Satyanarayana. Handed over. 

Even though Kottu Satyanarayana took charge as minister..  Velampalli kept interfering.  Kotthu Satyanarayana has expressed his impatience on the interference of Vellampalli in his department. It is being spread as if Kottu Satyanarayana directly spoke to Velampalli. Velampalli, who expressed his impatience on Kottu Satyanarayana’s questioning of him, acted more aggressively and it is said that he has turned the wheel so that even the Durgagudi committee is formed without the involvement of the minister. .This matter is being discussed in a big way in the party. 

Eight men and seven women are not appointed in the Durga Gudi committee. Vellampalli gave the post of chairman to his follower Rambabu from the BC group. But Rambabu, a financier, had previously faced allegations of call money while working on behalf of the TDP.  After the change of government, he joined YCP and became a close friend of Velampally. There are allegations against the appointed members of the governing council. 

Another interesting incident also came to light in the swearing-in of the new governing council of Durgagudi. ;Legislative Member, Government Whip Samineni Udaya Bhanu clashed with each other became a sensation. This affair has become a hot topic of discussion in the party as well. However, Government Whip Samineni Udaya Bhanu and Ve Lampalli participated in the swearing-in ceremony of the Governing Council members. The two leaders also sat side by side on the stage and conducted the program. 


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