Vizag City Police: Pagan hymns on the receipt issued by the traffic police.

In Visakhapatnam, there has been criticism over the presence of pagan hymns on the receipt issued by the traffic police. The police officials responded to this controversy. He clarified that this was not done on purpose. The presence of religious hymns on tokens given to passengers at an auto stand run by the traffic police at the Visakha railway station has sparked a controversy. These photos have become viral on social media. Due to this, there was severe criticism on the behavior of the Visakhapatnam police. BJP leaders expressed their anger against the traffic police.

BJP leader Bhanuprakash Reddy is alleging that this whole affair is being done according to a well-planned plan. They demanded in Tirupati that the original masterminds and protagonists should be brought before the people. Due to the massive criticism of this incident, the top police officers tried to give clarity. The police department said that as the tokens given to the passengers at the auto stand ran out, they were mistakenly given different tokens. When the staff told the prepaid auto secretary to bring new tokens, she said that he brought tokens with Bible verses. However, it was explained that the staff on duty had given tokens to the passengers without noticing it. It is clear that all this was done by mistake.. it was not done on purpose.

The Visakha Police Department has given an explanation on this matter through social media platform. Responding to many netizens, the city police revealed that an auto driver distributed the slips handed over to the head constable in an emergency situation due to his ignorance. She explained that they were stopped immediately.

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