Viveka Murder Case: The ax attack was turned into a heart attack.. The opposition criticized the transfer of the Viveka murder case..

Chandrababu expressed grief over the Supreme Court’s verdict transferring the investigation of Viveka’s murder case to the state of Telangana. He questioned whether it was correct to transfer the trial of his own father’s murder to a neighboring state. It is sad that this is happening while CM Jagan is the CM. TDP state president Kinjarapu Achchennaidu has criticized the transfer of former minister and CM Jagan’s younger brother YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana as a blemish on the state government and police department. The Supreme Court transferred the Viveka murder case to the CBI court in Hyderabad. Achenna responded in this context. He demanded that Jagan immediately resign from his post even if he had any morals left in him. Bonda Uma, member of TDP politburo and former MLA, asked what Jagan’s answer would be on the transfer of Viveka’s murder case to Telangana. He argued that the Supreme Court’s harsh comments that the evidence had been destroyed in the case had revealed the involvement of Tadepalli Palace. He said that according to Jagan’s batch scheme, the ax attack was turned into a heart attack and this matter was revealed by the comments of the Supreme Court.

There was a huge conspiracy to kill YS Viveka Reddy. Evidence was destroyed. It should be such that the victims know that justice has been done. But here it does not appear. Victims have the right to seek justice. There are suspicions that a fair trial may not be conducted where it is now. There is nothing wrong in transferring the case to another place for independent investigation. If the trial is not free and fair, people will lose faith in the judiciary.

– Bench of the Supreme Court

Meanwhile, the investigation of YS Viveka's murder case, which has been going on at the center of AP for many years, has been transferred to Hyderabad. The Supreme Court, the highest court of the country, gave a crucial verdict on the petition of Viveka's daughter Sunitha to transfer the case to another state. The CBI ordered an FIR to be registered against the conspiracy on a large scale and the CBI to investigate the allegations of destruction of evidence. CBI Special Court in Hyderabad will try this case. The Supreme Court has explained that the case is being transferred considering fundamental rights as Viveka's daughter and wife are unhappy with the investigation.

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