Viveka Murder Case: CBI is investigating MP Avinash for the third time in the Viveka murder case

Viveka Murder Case: CBI is investigating MP Avinash for the third time in the Viveka murder case

 Viveka Murder Case: YCP MP Avinash Reddy once again attended the CBI investigation in the murder case of Vivekananda Reddy which created a sensation in the Telugu states. This morning he left his residence in Jubilee Hill with his followers and came to the CBI office in Kothi. This is the third time that the CBI has interrogated MP Avinash in the Viveka murder case. Avinash Reddy was already interrogated twice on January 28 and February 24. As part of the investigation, on the 4th of this month, YS Avinash Reddy went to the house of Pulivendulu and gave a notice to attend the investigation at the Hyderabad office on the 6th of this month. He said he could not come on that date due to his pre-arranged activities. Avinash Reddy wrote a letter to CBI. With this, the CBI officials went to Avinash Reddy’s house and issued a notice to attend the inquiry on the 10th of this month. With this, he attended the CBI investigation for the third time. The CBI officials have already issued a notice to YS Avinash Reddy’s father Bhaskar Reddy to appear in the investigation on the 12th of this month.

Y.S. In the counter filed by the CBI in the Telangana High Court on the bail petition of the accused Sunil Yadav in the Viveka murder case, suspicions were mainly expressed against Avinash Reddy. The CBI said that Viveka had a political conflict with YS Avinash Reddy and Sivashankar Reddy. Viveka said that she wanted the MP ticket to be given to her instead of Avinash Reddy. She stated that Viveka insisted on giving it to Sharmila and Vijayamma even if she did not give it to her. CBI said that Viveka’s political movements were not liked by Avinash Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy. It is said that Avinash Reddy, Bhaskar Reddy along with Sivashankar Reddy conspired to kill Viveka. On the night of the murder, Y.S. It is said that Sunil Yadav went to the house of Avinash Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy and went to the place of murder of Avinash Reddy along with five others. The CBI has stated in the counter presented to the court that the accused cleaned the place where the murder took place and bandaged Viveka’s body so that the injuries were not visible. It seems that the CBI investigation is going on from this point of view. 
Case hearing in the court 

Avinash has asked the CBI to order him not to arrest him in the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case. Writ filed by Reddy The petition will be heard by the Telangana High Court shortly. In the petition, Avinash Reddy has asked for audio and video recording while the CBI is interrogating him. He said that the CBI did not accept his request even though he requested several times to conduct the investigation in the presence of his lawyer. 160 CRPC Notice‌ Therefore, the petition requested that the CBI should be directed not to take any coercive action. Avinash Reddy has stated in the petition that Dastagiri, who is accused A4 in Viveka’s murder case, has not been arrested by the CBI so far.   Based on what Dastagiri said here and there…CBI investigation is going on, he said. Avinash Reddy said that even though there is no evidence against him, they are trying to implicate me in this case. 

CBI is harassing Sunil Yadav by showing him the signal location of Google Takeout phone..  CBI is not investigating the letter found on the spot. It is stated in the petition that the performance of the investigating officer in the case of Viveka’s murder was biased. Avinash Reddy alleged that the investigating officer is putting pressure on some to give false evidence. He said that the CBI is portraying him as a criminal in the charge sheet while the investigation is going on at the notice stage. An inquiry will be held on this shortly. There is suspense as to how the court will react during this hearing.   

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