Visakha Agency Roads: Roads in the agency or pregnant women, crying of patients.. A child who walked 5 km including a newborn baby

It has been 75 years since our country got independence. Man is moving forward receiving all kinds of financial fruits. But in some places he is far away from even the minimum requirements. Especially those who live in the remote forests are away from the welfare schemes provided by the government. They spend their lives risking their lives without access to even proper transport facilities. Especially in AP, many villages in Visakha Manyam district do not have minimum transport facility.. lack of proper roads.. in case of any emergency situation.. they have to face many difficulties to save their lives. Especially the people of the remote areas of Alluri district are facing two hardships. Patients and pregnant women are suffering from various conditions. Recently, the fact that a child has to travel five kilometers on foot has become a topic of discussion.

Devamma, a girl from Cheekupanasa village bordering G Madugula Pedabaya, traveled five kilometers on foot to the village on the road. Devamma gave birth 3 days ago at K. Devamma G. Madugula hospital. Today, while the mother was carrying her child in the vehicle, she had to stop the vehicle in the middle of the road. As the work of the bridge was not completed, there was a situation where the vehicle could not move forward from there. As the vehicle was unable to move forward, the driver of the vehicle left Simhachalam Balintha in the middle of the road. So she had to walk five kilometers to reach home with her child.

A person from the same village was carried a doli due to illness. Even though it has been 75 years since independence, they complain that their villages do not have proper road facilities or they are dying of diseases. The tribals are demanding that the government respond immediately and provide road facilities.

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