Viral News: Sarpanch who became a sanitation worker.. Panchayat ruling class.. Mind blank if you know why..

Andhrapradesh: There are many ways to protest. It is common for the opposition parties to go ahead with some kind of activity to protest against the government, and for the common people to protest at their level and bring it to the attention of the governments. If anyone has a problem in the villages, we immediately take it to the attention of the Sarpanch, the first citizen of the village. Sarpanch will take it to the attention of mandal level officials and try to solve the problem. This is a normal process.. and if the rulers want to protest.. they go directly to the local MLA or other influential leaders in the government and tell their problems and ask them to solve them. But a sarpanch in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh expressed his protest in an innovative way. Sarpanch is not the only one. The entire ruling class participated in this protest. What have they done so far.. They protested by becoming sanitation workers in the village. Katrapadu village sarpanch Medarametla Shankar in Vatticherukuru mandal of Guntur district and members of the panchayat management turned into sanitation workers and collected garbage from house to house in the village. The sarpanchi who went door to door and collected garbage protested that his panchayat has no funds. Driving a three-wheeled garbage collection cart provided by the government, they roamed the entire village blowing a whistle. Locals came to know that Sarpanchi was collecting garbage and followed him. Sarpanch Medarametla Shankar expressed his concern that the panchayat does not have any financial resources of its own and the state government illegally took Rs. The sarpanch alleged that the sanitation workers were not coming to work due to not being paid wages, and because of this garbage was accumulating at the houses.

Katrapadu village sarpanchi Medarametla Shankar said that they either repair the old ones and fix them to the poles without money to buy electric lamps. He expressed concern that the volunteers are doing the work that should be done by the serpents. They requested the government to recognize their protest and return the funds to the Panchayat. Sarpanch's innovative initiative has become a topic of discussion in the district. Recently, there has been criticism that the state government has taken the funds of panchayats. But many sarpanches are asking their panchayat funds to be given to them for development projects. However, due to lack of positive response from the government, the Sarpanch and Panchayat ruling class protested.

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