Viral News: Inter Board is serious about the lecturer who kicked the student.. In the case of cancellation of college recognition…

Viral News: It is known that a lecturer kicked a student in the Bhaskar Bhavan campus of Shri Chaitanya College in Benz Circle in Vijayawada which has led to a big discussion. The incident of a teacher slapping and kicking a student for talking in the classroom went viral on Friday. A video related to this has been circulating on social media. This matter reached up to the AP Inter Board.

With this, the Inter Board took action. AP Inter Board Joint Secretary has issued show cause notices to Sri Chaitanya College Bhaskar Campus. The notice stated that the reason why the recognition of the college should not be canceled in the attack incident should be given within 5 days. GSR Krishna Rao, Joint Secretary of the Inter Board Vidya Mandali said, 'The Intermediate Vidya Mandali received a complaint on Friday evening. We took the details from Lecturer Ravikumar, Principal. NTR District Education Officer CSN Reddy, RIO Ravikumar and child line officials have been investigated. We will take all legal action.

We have given a show cause notice to Chaitanya College regarding this matter. Failure to provide proper explanation will result in cancellation of identification. We will take legal action including POCSO Act. Torture is a crime under the Education Act. We will not ignore the inhuman incident for any reason,' he warned.

This is the viral video.

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