Viral News: Hissing sounds from the refrigerator in the fruit shop.. As soon as the door is opened…

Viral News: Snakes are a huddle for many people. When they see them, they run away in fear. Some people do not sleep until they see a snake. However, snakes are often seen during the rainy season. Especially in the villages, snakes keep roaming in the fields and outside the houses. But when he opened the door to take the fruits and vegetables from the fridge, a hissing snake appeared from the fridge and everyone there ran away in fear. Everyone gasped when a local snake catcher caught the snake and trapped it in a bag. Going into details…

A shopkeeper spotted a snake in a fruit shop in Navashaktivihar, Eastern Naval District, Visakhapatnam. Panicked customers, the shop owner ran outside in fear. On seeing this logo, the snake crawled into the refrigerator where the cooldrinks were stored. With this information was given to the snake catcher Kiran, who is skilled in catching snakes. Kiran, who entered the field, caught the snake at the bottom of the refrigerator very cleverly.

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