Vinayaka Chavithi: Danger lurking in huge Bojjaganapayya..Police worried that it might collapse anytime

Vinayaka Chavithi: Bujji Ganapayya, who has been worshiped by devotees for 10 days across the country, including the Telugu states, is reaching Gangamma Odi. In many places, the immersion program of Ganapati idols is going on with grandeur. However, Bojja Ganapayya is still being worshiped by devotees in the mandaps in some areas. In this background, there is concern that the tallest idol erected in the Telugu states is under water. Going into details..

This year the tallest Ganesh idol was installed in Visakhapatnam. The 89 feet statue, the tallest in two Telugu states, has been installed by the festival committee. The police are worried that this Ganapati idol, which has been worshiped by devotees for the last 10 days, will collapse. It has already been found that one foot has fallen to the left side. Immediately alerted, the police asked the R&B officials to check the safety of the statue. The officials made an inspection and gave a report that there is a high risk of the statue falling down. The police suggested that the statue should be immersed immediately. But the festival committee decided to immerse the Ganapati idol on the 18th. The police did not agree to pre-immersion as suggested.

The police are expressing concern that there is a possibility of an accident in the background of thousands of people visiting the idol of Lord Ganesha every day. It is said that there is a possibility of trouble for the devotees at any moment. Moreover, the police have issued a warning that from now on, no one should be allowed within 100 meters of the devotees coming to the Ganpati Mandapam.

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