Village Sarpanch: A woman Sarpanch’s struggle.. An innovative protest sweeping the roads.. What is her demand?

Village Sarpanch: A woman sarpanch in Kurnool district has fought. She says she is ready for anything for her village. Who is her fight against? What is her demand? Aruna Devi, Sarpanch of Aluru Gram Panchayat in the district, protested innovatively. They talked about problems in the village. They are fighting for the development of the village as they are facing difficulties due to lack of funds. Sarpanch Aruna swept the garbage in the streets along with sanitation workers to get funds for the Aluru Major Gram Panchayat. Sarpanch Aruna says that due to lack of funds, we are unable to do any development in the village and we are unable to solve the problems.

She demanded the state government to grant funds to Aluru Gram Panchayat immediately. Aruna Sarpanch of Aluru expresses that they are not able to pay salaries even to the workers who collect the garbage in topu bandi. They lamented that it has become difficult to make ends meet as salaries have not been paid for several months. Sarpanch Aruna is expressing concern that funds should be given to Aluru Gram Panchayat immediately, otherwise the situation in the village will become worse.

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