Vijayawada: Police zeal on Vijayawada Indrakiladri..Vainam stopped the priests in the name of security..

Vijayawada showed police zeal on Indrakiladri. The police stopped the Sthanacharya and the head priest of the temple. Despite showing duty passes…no entry inside. Moreover, they said do whatever you want. The priests expressed their anger at the behavior of the police. The priests are angry that they are causing trouble in the name of security. It is being accused of obstructing by putting barry gates here and there. If asked, the police say that they are working according to the orders of the superiors. Priests insist that they cannot perform their duties if the situation remains like this. However, when this matter came to the attention of the superiors, they responded. District Collector Delhi Rao and temple EO Bhramaramba are praying about the incident.

Great Sharannavaratra celebrations..

If this is the case.. On the third day of Indrakiladri, Dussehra Sharannavaratri celebrations are going on grandly. Special poojas were performed under the supervision of famous Vedic guru Tridandi Chinnajeer Swami at the Vedic University in Sitanagaram. Devotees flock in large numbers today to visit the goddess Dhana Lakshmi.

The goddess was brought down from the top of Vijayakiladri in a procession and enshrined in the Yajnasala. After performing special pujas, matrochancharan was performed with 74 Vedic scholars. In the evening, the goddess is taken up to the top of Vijayakiladri with special fervor.

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