Vijayawada: AP Tax Department has seized Rs.50 lakh worth of goods.

The commercial tax officials cracked down on the violators. With the help of railway transport, the rampaging illegals were stopped. Heavy goods were caught on platform number 8 of Vijayawada railway station. 50 lakh worth of goods without any bills were seized. But when the railway officials questioned how they could do the inspections without giving them information, a dispute arose between the tax and railway officials. Along with fake gold, heavy silver jewellery, electrical items, sandals and various other items were seized during the checks of the commercial tax officials at the railway station. 10 teams conducted inspections in trains along with the parcel office. The seized goods were found to have arrived in Vijayawada from Delhi’s Patel Nagar in a goods train. The authorities seized the cargo without any bills.

In this incident, an argument took place between the railway police and the commercial tax officials. The railway officials expressed their anger saying that the commercial tax officials had carried out inspections without permission. He denied why the inspections were done without permission.

There was a tense situation as the railway officials obstructed the commercial tax officials. As a result, the commercial tax officials left the seized goods there and went back. A fight between commercial tax officials and railway officials at Vijayawada railway station has become a local hot topic.

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