Vijayasai Reddy: Will resign if Visakha doesn’t get railway zone.. YCP MP Vijayasai’s sensational statement

YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy has made a sensational statement that he will resign if the railway zone does not come to Visakhapatnam centre. He was furious that some newspapers were spreading false stories saying that the railway zone would not come. It was revealed that there was no mention of Visakha Railway Zone in the meeting held on Tuesday on the issues of division. But some magazines are dreaming and imagining things and trying to force them on people. He challenged whether those who wrote the false articles would publicly apologize if it was found that the issue of Visakha railway zone was not discussed. He said that there is no truth in the ongoing campaign that Visakhapatnam will not have a railway zone and it will remain a dream. It was revealed that when a group of YCP MPs met the Union Minister of Railways, he gave a clear assurance regarding the railway zone. He said that they promised to establish a railway zone as the center of Visakhapatnam very soon. But he expressed anger that they are campaigning against the railway zone with malicious intent to alienate YCP from the people and to give a blow to YCP politically. However, people are not going to believe this deliberate campaign by pro-TDP media to hit YCP.

Vijayasai Reddy reminded that in the Repartition Act, it was very clear about the railway zone. There was a discussion on the issue of constructing a railway line connecting Telangana regions through Kovvur, wherever the capital is located, and connecting Hyderabad. The central proposal is that the state should give share money in this regard. As it is very clearly mentioned in the repartition act itself, it is stated that the state has requested that a railway line should be established through Kovvur and connected to Hyderabad, and that the entire funds should be borne by the centre. He made it clear that this issue has been discussed, but there has been no discussion regarding the Visakha railway zone.

Vijayasai Reddy made it clear that Visakha railway zone will definitely come. He said that the YSR Congress party has fought many battles for the railway zone. People are still observing the governance of the YCP. Vijayasai Reddy appealed to people not to believe the misinformation being spread about the railway zone.

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