Vanjangi Hill Point: The blanket of clouds in the early morning.. Tourists enjoying at Vanjangi Hills..

The month of November.. Trembling winter.. More than a weekend.. These are enough for nature lovers to fold their wings and lean in the agency. Tourists queue up to Vanjangi Hill in Visakhapatnam. While some reached there at night to see the snow clouds in the morning light, many trekked to the view point early in the morning. They were mesmerized looking at the clouds floating like cotton brushes from the top of the hill.

If this is the case.. Temperatures are dropping sharply in Alluri District Agency. The temperature was recorded at 10 degrees in Minumuluru and 12 degrees in Paderu in the district. All those who went to Vanjangi Meghala Konda area shivered from the cold and enjoyed capturing the natural scenery in their cameras and taking pictures. Scenes of locals lighting bonfires early in the morning in tribal villages are also seen here and there.

The situation is the same in Telangana.

The situation is similar in the districts of Telangana. The cold is getting worse all over the joint Adilabad district. Even after 8 in the morning, the blanket of snow is still thick. The joint Adilabad district recorded the lowest temperature. Sirpur (U) recorded a temperature of 7.3 degrees, Bela of Adilabad district recorded 8.3 degrees and Neradigonda 8.3 degrees. Low altitude winds are blowing from North and North East India. People in agency areas are shivering due to extreme cold. On one side Komurambhim and Adilabad districts are trembling with tigers, on the other side the coldness is bone-chilling. Even if it is past ten, people are trying to come out.

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