TTD: Increased rush of devotees in Tirumala… 48 hours for darshan of Srivari

Devotees continue to throng Tirumala to have a darshan of Sri Venkateswara Swamy, the living deity of Kali Yuga. Devotees are flocking to Tirumala to have a glimpse of Lord Swami in the background of Dussehra holidays. All the compartments are crowded with devotees who have come to have a darshan of Srivari. The temple officials said that it will take 48 hours for darshan of Srivari. The culines reached the rock arch. Officials say that the rush of devotees in Tirumala has increased with the arrival of the third Saturday of Peratasi month and a series of holidays. The crowd of devotees, which was normal till October 4, gradually increased from the afternoon of October 5.

The crowd of devotees in the presence of Tirumala Srivari has increased tremendously. As it is the month of Peratasi, all the compartments in the Vaikuntha queue complex are seen full of devotees. As the sheds in Narayangiri Park are full, devotees are waiting in queues for 4 kilometers till Shila Toranam. It takes more than 48 hours for Sarvadarshan due to rush of devotees. TTD officials requested the devotees coming to Tirumala to take note of this matter and cooperate.

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