Tomato Price: Tomato prices are falling day by day.. Farmers are worried.. Do you know the current price?

All of a sudden.. it seemed that the sky high prices suddenly reached the ground. The prices of tomatoes, which raised hopes among the farmers, are now seeing the ground again. Tomato prices suddenly collapsed. They fell worse than the stock market. The price of two cars fell to two rupees at once. The situation of tomato prices has become like if you sell it, but if you buy it, farmers are worried because the price of tomato has dropped suddenly. Apart from the affordable price, the farmers are not even getting the support price. Tomato prices are falling day by day in Kurnool’s Pattikonda market.. Tomatoes are exported from here to Telugu states as well as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

But the price of tomatoes is Rs 2 per kg. Farmers are bored with this. Unable to sell the tomatoes brought to the market, they throw them away in the market. The government is being asked to take steps to ensure that the minimum support price is met.

A similar situation has prevailed in the Warangal market too.. The price which was quoted at 40 per kg till ten days ago has gone up to Rs. It has fallen to 10.. Farmers are expressing concern as the price has fallen from what it was.. Farmers are complaining that they are not getting the cost of taking the tomato from the farm and transporting it to the market.

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