Tirupati Corporation: The Tirupati Corporation office shifting controversy has settled

Tirupati Corporation office shifting controversy ends. So, what is the decision taken by the authorities? How to put a stop to the dispute? Finally, the route has been cleared for the relocation of Tirupati Municipal Corporation office. Officials have decided to shift to DM&HO office. Orders were issued to that effect. At first, the officials wanted to convert the old maternity hospital into a municipal office. However, TV9 aired a series of articles due to strong opposition from the opposition and public associations. With the concerns of various communities, TV9 series of articles focused on the alternatives of the district administration. In the end it was decided to move Tirupati Corporation office to DM&HO office. At the same time, the officials ordered to shift the office of DM&HO to the maternity hospital. With that, the maternity hospital will be shifted to the ground floor.

Meanwhile, the government is undertaking the construction of an iconic building at the cost of 82 crore rupees at the site of the existing municipal office. Once this building becomes available, the office of the corporation will be shifted there again. Till then the activities in the DM&HO office will continue.

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