Tirumala: Within a few hours of the chairman’s inspection of the laddu centers, the condition of devotees.. Devotees lined up at the counters for laddus.

Tirumala Tirupati Kshetra, along with Srivari.. Srivari Laddu Prasadam is on everyone’s mind.. As much importance is given to Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy, Swamivari Laddu is also special. It is not an exaggeration that devotees who feel blessed to be born after seeing Konetirayu, the form of Divyamangalu, line up for laddu prasadam. Tirumala Tirupati Kshetra is as famous all over the world.. Tirupati laddus are also famous. Not only the devotees who go to Tirumala.. Everyone eagerly waits for the laddus brought by those devotees. Because that is the specialty of Swami’s Laddu. That’s why immediately after the darshan of Lord Swami.. Devotees stand in queues for Srivari Laddu Prasad. It seems that there is a delay in providing laddus to the devotees due to shortage of staff. Due to this, devotees lined up in queue lines.

The KVM company has not paid the salaries of the outsourced employees performing the duties in the Tirumala field for the last three months. As a result, the employees boycotted their duties. It seems that the devotees are suffering. TTD filed a case against KVM under the ESMA Act. TTD employees and sevaks of Srivari have been distributing laddus to the devotees since Monday. However, there is a delay in the distribution of brownies due to insufficient staff. Due to the delay in issuing the laddoos, the devotees are facing a lot of trouble at the counters.

But yesterday TTD Chairman Y. V Subbareddy conducted a surprise inspection of laddu selling points in Tirumala. The devotees of Srivari were asked about the situation there. The concerned officials were directed to supply laddu prasads to the devotees of Srivari without any hindrance. Chairman Y. Even after 24 hours of V Subbareddy's inspections, there is widespread criticism that devotees are struggling for laddus. Devotees who are suffering in the queue line for laddus are expressing their anger on the way of TTD. They are demanding immediate action to provide laddus to the devotees.

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