Tirumala tirupati: Srivari special laddu prasad for diabetes patients..? TTD’s decision..!

Tirumala Tirupati: Some people are using that god who protects the devotees for illegal income. Devotees are being cheated in Tirumala, where Sri Venkateswara himself is in reality. Fraudsters are robbing the devotees with the support of their faith. Many fake websites have sprung up to cheat devotees in the name of Srivari Darshan. The administrators and staff of such fake websites are flooding the devotees in the name of darshan ticket. In this order, another fake news is doing the rounds on social media. This time, a fake news network is doing the rounds on the name of Srivari Laddu Prasad. That is…

Dharma Reddy, Chief Administrative Officer (in-charge) of Annamayya Bhavan in Tirupati Tirumala listened to the problems of the devotees over the phone. On this occasion, a devotee named Dasharatha Ramaiah from Guntur, Andhra State said... Tirupati Laddu Prasad is a bit high in sugar and it would be good if Laddu Prasad is provided for diabetic patients like me. Also, Officer Dharma Reddy replied that a decision will be taken on the manufacture and supply of laddoos specially for diabetic patients. With this, the news spread rapidly on social media that unsweetened laddoos were being prepared and served for diabetic patients.

However, the Tirupati Devasthanam has clarified that this information is incorrect and all the news about it are rumours. It has also been reported that Satisfied Laddu has been patented and offering sugar free Laddu will call the patent into question. Also, the Devasthanam explained that if sugar free laddoos are provided as per the demand of diabetic patients, some devotees will ask for prasad for some other reason.

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