Tirumala Important: What to do if devotees fall ill in Tirumala queue! How to save lives!

Tirumala Important: What to do if devotees fall ill in Tirumala queue!  How to save lives!

Tirumala: Tirupati: Tirumala is the divine abode where Sri Maha Vishnu, Srinivasa, left Vaikuntha to save the devotees on Earth. Lord Venkateswara fulfills the wishes of the devotees and is seen as a deity who speaks when called. That is why lakhs of devotees reach Tirumala every day for a momentary darshan of Swami. In this way, we have seen many cases of devotees who had come to Tirumala to have a glimpse of Swami falling seriously ill on one occasion. Devotees who go for darshan of Srivari from the walkway are losing their lives without proper understanding. These advices and instructions are for such people..

What to do if you fall ill..
Thousands of devotees reach Tirumala every day. Devotees who come like this visit Srinivasa through Vaikuntham 1&2 queue complex. There are first aid centers in every queue complex.. TTD vigilance security, Srivari Sevaklu are available while you are going through the queue line for darshan and while you are waiting in the compartment. If you, or any of your family members, feel unwell in the compartment, immediately contact the Srivari Sevaks present there. If they feel seriously ill, by informing the vigilance staff or the TTD staff, they will be taken to Qline Complex and First Aid centers in different areas. So after the first treatment, if you think you are fine, you should go for a visit. Or you can go to Ashwini Hospital immediately by ambulance and get treatment. If there is cardiac disease, it can be treated by a special Apollo unit at Ashwini. And special injections for snake bites are available at Ashwini hospital..

Where are the first aid centers..
Most of the devotees who come for Tirumala Srivari darshan reach Tirumala through the footpath. TTD has set up primary treatment centers for the convenience of devotees coming to Tirumala through the walkway. Those who fall ill and faint while walking to Tirumala can get treatment through the primary care center. Doctors and staff are available 24/7 to treat everything from pain to other problems. In case of serious illness, they will be taken to Tirupati Swims with the help of a state-of-the-art ambulance with life support by contacting the nearest vigilance staff or TTD staff or TTD numbers written on the signboards for devotees.

With 108 of Tirumala. Besides, TTD Ambulance and Apollo Ambulance are only for devotees..
Three 108 vehicles TTD Ambulance and Apollo 24/7 Ambulance will be available in Tirumala. Inform the TTD vigilance staff or 108 and an ambulance will reach you within 10 minutes. Treatment can be availed at Ashwini Hospital which has state-of-the-art medical facilities. If the condition worsens, one can directly go to Swims and Ruya Hospital from Tirumala.

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