Tirumala Darshan News: Continuity of devotees in Tirumala – Devotees waiting in 18 compartments

Tirumala Darshan News: Continuity of devotees in Tirumala – Devotees waiting in 18 compartments

Tirumala Darshan News: In Tirumala‌ The flow of devotees continues. 62,938 people visited Swami on Friday. While 30,751 people offered talanilas to Swami, 3.24 crore rupees were offered as gifts by devotees through hundi. But while devotees are waiting in 18 compartments of Vaikuntham queue complex with Sarvadarshanam devotees, devotees who do not have Sarvadarshanam time slot tokens will take 24 hours to see Lord. Saturday is known as a very auspicious day for Lord Sri Venkateswara Swami. It is in this sequence that the priests who opened the temple gate with the worship of Pratyushaka, Vaikhanasa priests, Sannidhi Gollas and Jiyyangars enter the presence of Swami and have their first darshan of Swami. Swami blessed them with Sri Venkateswara Suprabhata Strotha at the golden porch. At the golden porch, Sri Venkateswara’s Suprabhatam Stotram, Pravarti and Mangala Sashana are chanted while the Vaikhanasa priests present raw milk as part of the Pratyusha Kalaratana to Sri. Afterwards "With black sesame jaggery " The mixed Prasad is reported to Swami. In the previous night’s funeral service, Srivari Kautuka Baram Sri Bhoga Srinivasamurthy, who was sleeping on the bed of golden navara, is placed at the feet of Moolavirat and is cremated in place of Jiva on the throne. After that, the priests offer camphor nirajanam to Lord Shiva in private. This is also known as the Harati of Kaikaryaparas.

Offering camphor neerajan to Srivara

Golla aarti is offered after the priests apply green camphor on the chin in the face of Srivari Mulvirat. Then the Vaikhanasa priests first receive the Brahma Tirtha themselves and then offer the Brahma Tirtha to the Jiyyangars and Sannidhi Gollas. Later, while reading the Mangala Sansa Shlokas at the golden porch, camphor neerajana is offered to Srivara in the presence. Mahanti Math, the representative of the Mysore royal family, Tamalapaka Annamayya clansmen report to Tamalapaka and Vakkalu Srivara and offer Navaneetha Haarti. The darshan that takes place at this time is also known as Vishwarupa darshan. After that, the priests who have offered Bhoga Srinivasamurthy on the bathing peetha will start the Tomala service. First Abhishekam is performed by reciting Purusha Sukta with Akashaganga Tirtha, milk perfume etc. Then Yadha order Thirumanjanam is performed for Srivari’s golden anklets and Salagramams. 

Vedic mantra chanting with 30 upacharas

Afterwards putting on the veil and resolving to worship in the morning, fill Pancha Patras with Akashanga Tirtha. Purification and invocations are completed and the veil is removed. Vedic mantra chanting is performed with 30 upacharas such as Asanam, Padyam, Arghyam, Achamanam etc. to Shrivari Mulvirat. After that Vaksahsdhala for Lakshmi and Padmavati Thayars, Sri Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy, Sridevi and Bhudevi together with Sri Malayappa Swamy, Sridevi Bhudevi together with Sri Ugra Srinivasamurthy Sri Koluvu Srinivasamurthy for Sita, Lakshmana, Rama, Rukmini together with Sri Krishna Swamy for Salagrama, Shatari for Sri Sudarshana Vimana Venkateswara Swami is worshiped. After that, all the idols of Srivari are beautifully decorated with garlands of flowers. Nakshatra Aarti and Camphor Aarti are offered to Shrivari Moolavirat. With this thread the Tomala Seva is complete. After that, as part of the morning worship, Darbar will be held in the presence of Sri Koluvu Srinivasamurthy in the baptism mandapam. Sesame flour mixed with jaggery is reported. After offering Navaneeta Harati, Srinivasamurthy is invited back to the presence and Sahasra Nama Archana Seva is performed in the presence. Chanting of the 1008 names of Sri Venkateswara Sahasranamavali is performed with Tulsi dalams. After Archana, Swami performs Nakshatra Aarti and Camphor Aarti for them and prepares for the first report. After that, the first ghanta report is performed as part of the morning worship to Sri. As part of the Swami’s morning offerings, offerings like Anna Prasadam, Laddu and Vada are offered. After that in the presence of Shri Vaishnava traditional sattumora was performed by Sarkaru and VIP break‌ Devotees are allowed to visit. After that the devotees are allowed to have a darshan of the Swami after performing sacrifices and offerings to Srivara for the second hour of the afternoon. Shri Malayappa Swami along with Sri Devi Bhudevi who is the utsavamurti of Srivari is invited to the Kalyana Mandapam in Sampangi Prarakaram as vimana pradaksana. There at 12 noon in Abhijilagnam, the priests will perform the Nitya Kalyanatsavam for Sri Vira visually. A procession is taken to the Vaibhavotsava mandapam outside the temple. Arjita Brahmotsavam and Arjita Vasantosavam services are performed there. In the evening, Onjal Seva is performed to Srivara with the lights of Sahastra lamps in Koluvu Mantapam. Afterwards, Sridevi along with Bhudevi will conduct a Nithyotsav in Tirumadha street. Later, Srivara is invited into the presence. The priests stop the sarvadarshan and start the night kainkaryas for Sri. As part of this ritual, the garlands decorated in the morning Tomala Seva to Srivari Moolavirat are removed and the sannidhi vessel is purified. After that, night tomala, night archana, night bell, Thiruveesam ghantabali are performed to Srivara and Sarva Darshanam devotees are allowed to have darshan of Swami. After the completion of Sarvadarshan, the last service to Shri is performed as Ekanta Seva.

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