Tirumala: CM Jagan will visit Tirumala.

Tirumala: TTD EO Dharma Reddy participated in Dial Your EO programme. Many questions were answered by the devotees on this occasion. Moreover, all arrangements are being made to organize the Srivari Brahmotsavam which will be held from 27th of this month in a grand manner, said Dharma Reddy. On the evening of 27th, CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on behalf of the state government announced that silk clothes will be presented to Shri. It was mentioned that the new Parakamani building will be inaugurated by the hands of the CM on 28th. Dharma Reddy said that mirrors have been installed on both sides of the building so that devotees can watch the counting of hundi gifts in Parakamani.

The donor is donating a 2.5 crore retail coin separating machine.. It is stated that 13 types of coins can be segregated through this machine. After the new Parakamani comes into use outside the Srivari temple, they said that the counting will be stopped in the old Parakamani in the temple. Dharma Reddy stated that Parakamani building is being constructed with advanced facilities and strong security at a total cost of 26 crores.

Evo Dharma Reddy said that Bhoomi Puja of Srivari Temple in Mumbai has been postponed due to Coastal Regulatory Zone objection. He said that a decision will be taken once again after discussion with the members of the Agamasalaha Council and the Governing Body regarding the Anandanilayam gold burning works.

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