Tirumala: A Muslim couple who donated land to a moneylender handed over the check to EV Dharmareddy.

Tirumala: Tirumala Tirupati is the sacred shrine of Kaliyuga deity Sri Venkateswara swamy. Devotees come in large numbers not only from Telugu States but also from all over the country to visit the wish-fulfilling Koneti Rayu. Visiting Venkanna is considered to be the end of the birth story. It is known that not only Hindus, but also Muslims are devotees of Swami. There are Muslims who consider Lord Venkateswara in Kadapa as the son-in-law of their house. It is known that Venkanni is invited to their home during festivals and festivals and worshiped with devotion.

But recently Subinabanu and Abdul Ghani, a Muslim couple from Chennai, visited Srivari in Tirumala. Visited Swami and took Tirthaprasad. Later, Subinabanu and Abdul Ghani donated Rs.1.02 crores to TTD. Donors presented a donation check to Evo EV Dharma Reddy at Ranganayakula Mandapam in Srivari Temple.

They asked that Rs.15 lakhs should be used for the SV Annaprasadam Trust out of the money given by them and Rs.87 lakhs should be used for new furniture and kitchen utensils in the modernized Sri Padmavathi Rest House in Tirumala.

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