Tiger Tension: Fear.. Fear.. Not only the tiger but also the cheetah.! Officials alerted people.

Tiger Tension: Rajam mandal of Vizianagaram district is under fear. People are trembling with the fear of life as the tiger roams around. The forest officials who have already identified the tiger’s footprints have alerted the villagers of Mogilivalasa, Togiri, Antakapalli and Ponigitivalasa. Dandora advised that no one should go out alone. All people should reach home by evening. It is suspected that the Royal Bengal Tiger is roaming in these areas.

Meanwhile, it seems that not only tigers but also cheetahs roam in these areas. The forest staff who collected footprints in the Antakapalli crop fields expressed their suspicions that along with Bengal Royal Tiger, Cheetah is also roaming around. This alerted the people of ten surrounding villages. The tiger, which has been wandering around without being caught for more than a month, continues to claw at the mute creatures.

In the meantime, a cow was attacked and killed in Karrivani migration of Bondapalli mandal. Earlier Dattirajeru Mandal Ys. Tiger signs were also seen in Chintalavalasa. But the local people are trembling with the fear of the tiger or the cheetah. Authorities are requested to arrest them as soon as possible.

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