Tiger Fear: The tiger that is shaking the Telugu states.

Tiger Fear: Tiger.. Tiger.. This is not a slogan! Fear grips the people. It is not here or there. In many districts of the Telugu states, the movement of tigers is causing people a lot of trouble. In some districts, forest officials have started a special operation, but they are not caught. In some places, the farmers and locals are facing various problems because the authorities are not available. They are living in fear of not knowing when and how the tigers will attack.

The hunt for the threatened tiger continues in Uttar Andhra. Officials are hunting hard for the tiger, which has been living in Visakha district for two months from East Godavari district. They are trying to trap a four and a half year old Bengal tiger. This story of a Bengal tiger roaming in Anakapalli is running like a serial. It’s like you can’t find the trap. The officers themselves are getting hit. Even if a special resyco operation is started.

But recently, it seems that the tiger has moved towards the migration of Chipiri in Kothavalasa mandal of Vizianagaram district. Recently, tiger footprints were found there. Less than ten days ago, Chipiri migrated and came back to Chandrayaypet from there. Now the forest department officials are expecting that the Chipiri will come back to Chandrayapet in these two days.

In addition.. In Nalgonda and Manchirya in Telangana, tiger movement is creating fear among the people. Tigers roaming in the hills are attacking cattle. So far, tens of cattle and sheep have been killed in both districts. Although information has been given to the authorities, there is some delay in taking steps to arrest them. Recently, the movement of tigers in Kotapalli mandal of Manchyryala district is scaring the locals. A cow and a calf lost their lives in a tiger attack in Edulabandam village. Based on the pug marks, the forest officials found that the cattle were attacked and killed by the pule. He was found roaming in the Kotapalli range for a week. The officials who have already alerted the people of six villages in the wake of the tiger migration have intensified the measures for tiger hunting.

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