Tiger Cubs In Tirupati Zoo: Where are the tiger cubs kept in Tirupati?

Tiger Cubs In Tirupati Zoo: Where are the tiger cubs kept in Tirupati?

Tiger Cubs In Tirupati Zoo: It is well known that four tiger cubs were found separated from their mother in Atmakur in the united Kurnool district. The villagers, who were already scared by the tiger’s movement, were terrified after seeing the tiger cubs. The forest officials were immediately informed and the four tiger cubs were rescued. Although the forest officials tried many ways to see if the tiger would come for the cubs, the big tiger‌ No trace was found. But this baby tiger was handed over to Tirupati SV Zoo Park for the protection of the cubs. Speaking to the media at the zoo, ACF Nagabhushanam said that the 50-day-old tiger cubs were handed over in Nandyala district, Atmakuru project area by the zoo officials Mohammed Syed, Forest Range Officer Subhash, along with the escort staff. It was explained that their health condition was examined under the supervision of veterinary doctors. They are said to be somewhat weak due to lack of feeding after being separated from their mother. It is stated that they will be provided with fortified feeding under the supervision of doctors and measures will be taken to preserve them in a good environment. He said that if the summer heat is high, they will be protected by keeping them in AC. They said that they are checking frequently with veterinary doctors.

Tiger cubs found four days ago..

Incidents of wild animals entering human settlements have increased recently. Recently, large tiger movement in many districts of AP has alarmed the people. Recently, large tiger cubs are causing a stir in Kothapalli Mandal of Atmakuru Forest Division of Nandyala District. Villagers found four big tiger cubs in Pedda Gummadapuram village. The villagers kept the tiger cubs in a room to prevent them from being injured by the dogs and informed the forest department officials.   

Tiger cubs next to a wall at a house

Big tigers often roam in Atmakuru, Nandikotkur and Velugodu areas of Nandyala district. Recently, the villagers said that a big tiger was roaming in the fields near Venkatapuram village of Atmakuru Mandal. Recently, tiger cubs are causing a stir in Kothapalli mandal of Nandyala district.  On Sunday, a young man saw a tiger cub in Peddagummadapuram of Kottapally mandal. The young man noticed the tiger cubs sleeping next to the door of a house in the village and informed the villagers. Villagers are panicking as four tiger cubs are seen at once. If there are tiger cubs, they are worried that there must be a big tiger nearby. Villagers are of the opinion that the big tiger is likely to come back to the area for the cubs. The tiger cubs were kept in a room locally to protect them from dog attack and informed the forest officials.  

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