Tension in MLC election in Tirupati- TDP leaders arrested

Tension in MLC election in Tirupati- TDP leaders arrested

The ongoing MLC elections for the posts of teachers and graduates in Andhra Pradesh are leading to tensions in Tirupati. No matter how strong measures the Election Commission and Police took, they could not stop the fraudulent votes and temptations. As the opposition protested and protested, the police arrested them.

There was tension at the Tirupati SGS High School polling booth. An atmosphere of tension was seen for a while as former MLA Sugunamma and TDP leaders came to the polling station alleging that YCP leaders were casting stolen votes. As the YCP leaders stopped them, an argument ensued between the two groups. The conflict was settled when the police intervened. 

On the objection of the YCP leaders, the TDP leaders were sent out of the polling booth by the police. Infuriated by this, the TDP leaders raised slogans against the police and the government. Former MLA Sugunamma called the police to stop the fraudulent votes. They said that the government wants to win by doing illegal things… and will take the help of the police for that.  The TDP leaders are alleging that Murali was detained after questioning those who came to vote. It is said that some people are trying to cast stolen votes and that is why they were deposed. Murali was arrested and taken to Renigunta station by police. 

TDP leader Kandra Lakshmipathy was arrested by police at Satyanarayanapuram polling booth. The TDP leaders are angry that Lakshmipathy was arrested for questioning them about casting fraudulent votes. He was taken into custody and taken to the police station. YCP leaders are angry that the police are not paying attention to them even though they are at the polling station. What did you study… When asked about your educational qualifications, you told the media that you studied in 6th and 9th standard. When the media representatives reminded the collector that strict action would be taken if they cast stolen votes, they slipped away from there. All the women left without voting. 

Sanjay‍Gandhi Colony 228 polling booth‍ The TDP leaders are alleging that YCP will not try to get votes with some ineligible people. There was confusion for a while as they were stopped. Everything was settled when the police intervened and took the TDP leaders away. 

51 polling for graduates in Annamaiya district‌ Centers, 30 polling for teachers‌ Centers were established. 3890 voters will exercise their right in Upadhyaya MLC election. 44432 voters will vote in MLC elections for graduates. There are 51 graduates, 30 teachers in the district. MLC Polling‌ Police have made heavy security in the centers. 

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